The College consists of five undergraduate departments, namely biological sciences (including the experimental class of talent cultivation mode in Hubei Province), biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacy and bioinformatics. Among them, the department of biological sciences is the national-level specialty construction pilot, the brand specialty of Hubei Province and also the pilot program of comprehensive reform of Hubei Province. The College is granted for first level master's degree and doctor’s degree in biology, first level master's degree in ecology, second level master’s degree in microbiology and biochemical pharmacy, master’s degree in agriculture(crop) and discipline education(biology). The College has researched a number of projects, including 1 national chemical and biological engineering experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 provincial biological experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 provincial teaching group, 3 high-quality courses at provincial level, 6 high-quality courses at school level, 1 provincial internship training base(Biolake), 2 internship training base at school level, 2 strategic and emerging talents cultivation plan programs(biotechnology, pharmacy), 1 Jingchu excellent talent training program(bioengineering) at school level. In the past five years, teachers of college have presided more than 20 research projects at all levels, including the national level. Accomplishments can be witnessed by the first prize of the national micro-course teaching contest, the second prize of teaching achievement of higher education in Hubei Province and others. Students' participation in all kinds of competitions has received more than 100 awards from the provincial (Ministry) level, of which nearly 20 awards at the national level.

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