The College of Life Science was founded in 1931, then formed by merging with Biology Department and Institute of Ecology in 1997. The college building is situated in the east gate of the main campus, and is the collection of experimental teaching, scientific research and office in a whole. With the building area of 13000 square meters and fixed assets of more than 70 million yuan, it becomes an ideal place for studying and engaging in scientific research. There are now 1469 students, including 1163 undergraduates, 271 postgraduates and 35 doctoral students. The College of Life Science consists of department of bioscience, department of biotechnology, department of bioengineering, department of pharmacy, department of bio-informatics, center for experimental teaching, and editorial department of Spider-Shaped Journal. Meanwhile, it also sets up Institute of Proteomics, Institute of Ecology, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Institute of Genetics and Chinese Medicine Biotechnology Research Center. There are now 113 faculties, which include 33 full-time teachers, 1 part-time academician and 10 off-campus part-time professors. The full-time teaching staff consist of 33 professors, 35 associate professors, 26 doctoral supervisors and 56 master’s supervisors, among which there are 76 teachers get doctor’s degree. Strengthening the construction of teachers, we have many high-level talents, including 1 talent of Thousands People Plan, 1 talent of National Thousand of Young professionals, 2 candidates of National Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project in first and second level, 1 State-Class Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution, 4 people enjoying the special subsidy of State Council, 2 winners of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Plan, 1 Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution in Hubei Province, 1 people enjoying the governmental special subsidy of Hubei province, 2 candidates of Higher-level Talents in New Century Program in first and second level, 1 people of Top Talents Cultivation Plan Program in Hubei Province, 1 host of Hubei Famous Teaching Studio, 5 candidates of Thousand Talents Plan in Hubei Province, 5 distinguish professors and 2 visiting professors of Chutian Scholars programme, 5 people of Chutian Students, 1 candidates first group of Young Talents Cultivation Plan in Hubei Province, 3 people of Wuhan 3553 Talents Plan and 3 people of Yellow Crane Talents Plan In Wuhan. A number of teachers served as directors, vice-chairman, executive directors and general-directors of various societies or employed as editors or members of editorial board of international and domestic academic journals. The Dean of college is professor Ma Lixin.

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