The College formed 5 scientific research teams, including industrial biotechnology, traditional Chinese medicine biotechnology, crop germplasm innovation and application, biochemistry and cell engineering, zoology research. In the recent three years, college teachers have undertaken more than 100 research projects at different levels and kinds each year, including "973" program and "863" program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, international cooperation projects, key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and crosswise issues of enterprises, and published more than 100 scientific research papers, including more than 50 papers published in international journals which aroused a wider attention, applied more than 120 patent applications. College teachers have edited or participated in 11 books, 14 accreditation results, won more than 30 patents, got 2 national health ministry approvals, 1 clinical approval, 6 authorized varieties of Hubei Province Variety Approval Committee. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements into economic and social benefits has been remarkable, and the oligosaccharide products based on biological transformation has been successfully marketed and highly recognized by consumers. The results of rice breeding are outstanding. The hybrid rice combination "Liangyou 287" is the first super rice variety in our province and the first high quality high-yielding hybrid rice at national standard level in China, it is a transformation project of national agricultural science and technology achievement and a key promotion project of scientific and technological achievements in Hubei province which has won two first prizes of scientific and technological progress in Hubei province, one first prize of technological inventions, three awards of other provincial and ministerial prizes, and it was awarded the prize of the ten scientific achievements in Hubei province. Significant progress has been made in the research on original polyploid rice which has won more than 10 invention patents and the results of which are highly valued by the leaders of the nation, provinces and municipalities. It also has won many scientific and technological achievement awards of Hubei province,and the polyploid Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan has been established which is becoming a model for collaborative innovation research. The research on fruit fly, spider, Chinese medicine biotechnology, rape, detoxification of activated sludge and recycling has also had a great impact both at home and abroad.

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